Keep 'em tucked!

Simply clip the bottom of your pant leg behind your ankle, then slide strap under your sock and clip the other side.

Achieve the look and fit you want by making minor adjustments as needed. If your pants are really long, just cuff them up and fasten to the bottom of the cuff instead.

Made with 1" wide quality patterned elastic webbing and shiny nickel-plated "fingernail style" clips. Each pair comes with a quality pink organza drawstring pouch.

Available in:

Lavender with Brown Polka Dots, now only $9 per pair!

Color Options:

$11.00 for 1 pair

Color Options:

2 pairs for $20.00

Color Options:
Color Options:
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StrapStirrs are quick, easy, comfortable clip-on stirrup straps designed to keep your pants tucked in your boots!

At this time, we only offer shipment to the U.S and Canada. Payment must be in U.S. Dollars. For more information, please e-mail